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Ambrosia-SupHerb is a leading company in Israel in the field of VMS (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements), it was established in 1986 and during the past 20 years has specialized in the development, production and marketing of dietary supplements.

An important part of SupHerb's Research & Development setup takes place in collaboration with experts and research institutions. Articles dealing with studies which have been conducted on SupHerb products are regularly published in the professional press.

Patent Designated Probiotics for Maintaining Oral, Throat and Ears Cavity Health
A unique formula designated for women, containing over 10 billion friendly bacteria, for proper functioning of the digestive system, and maintaining proper health in women.

Bio Cran / Bio Cran Forte - For Treating and Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

A unique formula, combining a cranberry extract with added friendly bacteria for treating and preventing infections and inflammations in the urinary tract.

BiotiKid - Designated Probiotics for Toddlers and Children

An innovative probiotic formula especially adapted to suit the unique composition of the bacteria population in the digestive system of children and toddlers.
SupHerb is launching a new web site- the site is undergoing a test run.